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Newborn babies benefit from new technology

Neonatal jaundice is a yellowish discolouration of the skin and whites of the eyes in a newborn baby, caused by high bilirubin levels. It can be treated with phototherapy, and the Bilicocoon is among the latest phototherapy technology available. 

With thanks to a grant from the Honda Foundation, we’ve bought a Billicocoon for use in our Special Care Nursery, Women’s Health Unit and Child and Adolescent Unit. This will change the lives of more than 100 babies at Frankston Hospital every year. 

“The Bilicocoon is lightweight and the cocoon design helps facilitate swaddling, feeding and touching by literally wrapping around the baby,” says Alison Conroy-Joyce, Special Care Nursery Nurse Unit Manager.

“It also means the baby doesn’t need to be in an isolette – or incubator – and may instead be held and breast-fed, whilst receiving treatment. This allows families to be able to talk to their baby, touch and hold them– all recognised as crucially important in developing strong attachment and bonds between parents and their baby.”

Thank you to The Honda Foundation for funding our Bilicocoon so we can continue to deliver high quality treatment to babies in a sensitive, family centred way.