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Getting to know the Peninsula Health Podiatry Department

Peninsula Health podiatrist, James Canfor, demonstrating the human foot

This blog post was written by the Peninsula Health Podiatry Department to celebrate Foot Health Week 2020

Regular exercise plays an essential role in maintaining not just our physical health, but our mental health too. Therefore, in a year that has provided many challenges for us all, keeping active is more important than ever.

Our foot health plays an essential role in allowing us to participate in daily activities, so taking time to look after your feet will keep you on track and help keep you moving.

Podiatrists are foot health experts. They are university-trained in the prevention, assessment and management of conditions affecting the foot and lower leg. While foot pain may be the most common reason for seeking the help of a podiatrist, they also work as part of a healthcare team in detecting and managing broader health issues including diabetes, peripheral arterial disease and arthritis.

The Peninsula Health Podiatry Department works across our hospital, rehabilitation and Community Health sites. We provide services including wound care, diabetes foot assessments, nail surgery, gait assessments, orthoses, footwear advice and exercise therapy. We also work alongside a team of medical professionals in our High Risk Foot Clinic for people with complicated foot wounds.

Our top tips to keep you on your feet

  • Make sure your footwear is the right fit and not worn out. Wearing your slippers all day may be a tempting option for those working from home, but your feet can suffer from a lack of support. Shoes secured with laces or Velcro with a well-cushioned sole are a better choice.
  • Be mindful that increasing activity too quickly may enhance your risk of injury. The combination of warmer weather and easing of coronavirus restrictions will have many of us excited to return to our sport and exercise. To ensure injury doesn’t halt your plans, aim for a slow and steady approach with achievable goals.
  • Seek help for any aches or pains. Pain is our body’s way of telling us when something isn’t right. Ceasing exercise completely to avoid pain is often not necessary, but be sure to have any foot concerns assessed by a podiatrist before continuing.
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late. Detecting changes to your feet and acting immediately can speed recovery and limit long-term damage. Monitoring your feet daily for cuts, blisters, calluses, discolouration or structural changes is important. Patients with diabetes should be particularly aware of checking their feet daily.

Don’t let your feet slow you down. Seek advice from a podiatrist today!

Learn more

To learn more about the Podiatry Department at Peninsula Health and how to access our service, please visit our Podiatry Department page

For further foot health advice, and to locate a podiatrist near you, please visit Foot Health Australia