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Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Joshua Hermans

Josh is a final year registered nursing student in the Monash @ Peninsula (M@P) program.

When he’s not on placement, Josh works for Peninsula Health as a RUSON (Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing), supporting our ward staff with patient care.

Q: What’s the best thing about being in the M@P program?

A: The M@P program was highly beneficial for the development of my nursing practice as it offered the opportunity to experience repeated placements under one organisation with endless support and guidance. One of the best things about the program was the support and the freedom to preference a particular area for acute placements where timetables were extremely flexible. 

Q: How has the experience of being a RUSON helped your learning?

A: The RUSON role has helped develop my confidence in my nursing practice and has provided a greater understanding of the day to day operations of a public health organisation. 

Q: What has it been like working and being on placement in the COVID 19 environment?

A: Having my final nursing placement during the global pandemic has it challenges. However, it has been amazing to see the resilience and unity amongst the healthcare team to continue to provide patient centred care for all patients.

Q: What would you say to students thinking about enrolling in the M@P program?

A: APPLY!!! Continuing to develop your nursing practice and confidence is essential throughout your undergraduate degree. The M@P program provides the opportunity to get a familiarity with an organisation which alleviates a lot of stress starting new placements at organisations.

Q: How has being in the one organisation for most of your placements helped you as a learner?

It has helped me by:

  • Allowing me to develop professional relationships where I feel confident to approach people in the organisation for feedback on my performance.
  • Providing an abundance of support.
  • Becoming an expert in the electronic health record system.

Q: What has the clinical facilitator support been like?

A: The clinical facilitator support has been amazing especially throughout this time. Deb and Chris genuinely care about the development of future nurses and make sure all students on placement feel supported and comfortable. Furthermore, they always encourage and challenge students and are always there to answer any queries or concerns. 

If you’re interested in becoming a RUSON at Peninsula Health, check out our careers page for current vacancies.

If you’re a Monash University nursing student interested in applying for the M@P program, head to the clinical placement page in Moodle for more information.