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Faces of Peninsula Health – Q&A with Simone Artico

Intensive Care Unit registered nurse Simone Artico opens up on her experience of postgraduate studies. 

Name: Simone Artico

Job Title: Registered Nurse

Postgraduate stream: Intensive Care Unit

Institution studied with: Monash University

Q: What motivated you to enrol in postgraduate studies?

A: Well it was more that I was highly, highly encouraged to upskill! I hadn’t actually considered postgraduate studies as I held many reservations after being only months out of my grad year and the prospect of studying again was eh! daunting, plus – did I even know enough to pull postgraduate studies off? I’d seen what those postgraduate studies students go through and I was still trying to consolidate knowledge learned from undergrad, so this next step seemed mighty ambitious.

Q: Can you describe a part of your course when you remember having that ‘lightbulb’ moment?

A: Not as yet! I’m still in the throes of information overload, fighting with my memory and an impending exam this week. I’m told to fear not though, as this will often occur once the year is successfully over, when I’m free to find my own pace

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of your postgraduate studies?

A: Giving up a year of mini-break adventuring in my caravan. More importantly, faith in myself was probably the biggest but as I threw caution to the wind, what’s left to lose? If anything I’m investing in myself, which is always the best money spent and inevitably, I’m therefore investing in the patient & their care, and that’s why I’m here. Plus, there’s always the possibility of cheeky snow trips to be snuck in!

Q: Tell us something that surprised you about your postgraduate studies?

A: The extent I have loved the steep learning curve. What a hike it’s been, very challenging, full of ups and downs this year and considering my nursing career is fresh, it is surreal at how imperative this knowledge for me is to have within the ICU considering the level of autonomy and the criticality and diversity of patients we care for. For me, this has been rewarding enough.

Q: How has your postgraduate qualification changed your practice?

A: With only 1 semester (almost) down, the knowledge learnt and higher expectation on practice is/will shine eventually and for me, I believe that for my clinical practice within the unit postgraduate studies is the bare minimum level required to effectively do my job, so respectively, I do now appreciate the solid encouragement given to undertake this year.

Q: What advice would you give to nurses considering enrolling in postgraduate studies?

A: Jump aboard. It can be challenging but one that’s more than worthy of the heartache and challenge. Use the people around you as much as you can. I have asked all the dumbest questions so fear not, you’ve got this!

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