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People and Culture supporting more than 6000 staff through Covid-19

Simone Harris, Lyndsey Riley, James Murray, Kaiya Maskas (left to right) and Dwayne D’Olivera (working from home) in the People and Culture team, are providing support to all areas of Peninsula Health during Covid-19.

Peninsula Health’s People and Culture team has been providing support to all areas of the health service, responding to more than 5000 queries from staff through the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Covid Call Centre Hotline was established in mid-March, answering calls for support from managers and staff from across the organisation.

Lead Performance Simone Harris says the hotline has been having an extremely positive impact, looking after those who may have been feeling overwhelmed with the many changes to the workplace.

“Members of the HR Advisory service operate the call centre, providing a central source of reliable information regarding Covid-19 and related employment matters,” says Simone.

“The Hotline is a safe and confidential space to ask any questions or request support. The team also undertake regular wellbeing calls to staff who may be unwell or self-isolating.”

Since it’s opening, the Hotline has handled 5020 queries. Of these, 3410 of the enquires were received via email, with the remaining 1610 ma de over the phone. The team have also made over 450 wellbeing calls to staff.

Simone says the People and Culture team are passionate about supporting staff in the ever changing Covid-19 environment.

“Every day there is a new learning. We receive queries regarding everything from leave, remote working, clinic experiences, personal protective equipment and travel,” says Simone.

“We love hearing from staff and assisting with answering questions and offering support.”

“The HR Advisory team have taken on the Covid-19 Call Centre in addition to their business as usual roles and as their Lead, I could not be more appreciative of their agility, positivity and care for staff.”

Simone says alongside their work in setting up the call centre, the People and Culture team have produced a range of helpful resources for staff to access on the Covid-19 Champion Intranet page

“It is a privilege for us to be able to support our Peninsula Health colleagues and provide reassurance during a time of uncertainty.”