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Lending a hand during Covid-19

Senior Occupational Therapist Rosie House uses Telehealth to assist patients with hand and upper limb rehabilitation. 

Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb. 

At Peninsula Health, Hand Therapy is part of the Occupational Therapy Department. Hand Therapy provides assessment and therapy for acute hand and wrist injuries at Frankston and Rosebud Hospital and sub-acute injuries at Golf Links Road within the Community Rehabilitation Program.

The Hand Therapy team is dedicated to assisting their patients to achieve personally tailored goals, and returning to the activities they enjoyed or needed to do prior to their injury. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic Hand Therapy has been a leader in implementation of Telehealth at Peninsula Health.  

Kellie underwent an operation for her wrist fracture and was referred to the Hand Therapy team in mid-March of 2020:

“I didn’t want to come into the hospital for my therapy as I have family members with compromised immune systems, but I knew I needed therapy.  I was offered telehealth appointments through HealthDirect, which allowed me to receive my crucial hand therapy, without having to come in to the hospital.  This made me feel safe, and it was an efficient use of my time.  I felt I was able to see and hear my therapist in the same way I would if I was in the same room.  The split screen system meant I could also see myself and the movements I was making and my therapist could correct me as required.  The exercises and advice provided by my therapist has allowed me to return to riding my bike and getting back to my daily routine.  Being able to complete all my hand therapy from the comfort of my own home made for a hugely positive experience and I am really happy with my outcome.”

Hand Therapy Awareness Week is 1 June – 7 June and aims to raise the profile of hand therapy in the community and among referrers.