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Rosebud Emergency Department saves the day after beach accident

Alison Lunt never expected her trip to Dromana Beach on a beautiful summer day to end with a visit to Rosebud Hospital Emergency Department, with a nasty injury to her leg.

“It was a bit of an ordeal for a day at the beach,” explains Chelsea local Alison.

“I don’t usually swim a lot unless it is really nice conditions. I went into the water, and was watching my mother-in-law who was out on a paddleboard.”

“As I was walking through the water I stepped on something soft and squashy, and suddenly felt a stabbing pain in the front of my left leg.”

Alison quickly made her way back to the shore, where she realised she was bleeding.

Rosebud Emergency Department is the first stop – and a shining light – for critically ill and injured patients on the Southern Peninsula. Every year funds raised through the Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal helps put vital equipment in the hands of our Emergency Team at Rosebud Hospital.

“As I got out of the water I realised my leg was bleeding and that there was a deep wound in the front of my leg,” recalls Alison.

“People saw me and were rushing over to help which was quite amazing. I’m really appreciative of all the by-standers who assisted me.”

After receiving care from friendly locals on the beach, the Ambulance arrived to take Alison straight to Rosebud Emergency Department.

“The staff were really brilliant – I was in quite a bit of pain when I got there and feeling faint,” adds Alison.

“They looked after me immediately and started the treatment straight away. The treatment for a stingray injury is hot water. So I had several staff helping me put my leg in a bucket of hot water, which denatures the venom and also helps with the pain.”

Once Alison stopped feeling faint and the pain started to subside, staff washed out the wound thoroughly with saline, and Alison was transported to Frankston Hospital for surgery.

“The biggest risk is getting an infection. The little barbs on the stingray’s tail can get stuck in the wound, so I had surgery to wash it out and stitch up the wound under anaesthetic.”

“Then I had to stay in hospital for two days to have IV antibiotics and I received great care from nurses and allied health staff.”

After a few weeks, Alison was back at work and the swelling had gone down in her leg.

This summer, support the Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal and help doctors, nurses and allied health staff access the very best equipment, so they have everything they need to care for patients like Alison.

“Rosebud Hospital experiences really high demand for all of our benefit when we are enjoying the Mornington Peninsula in the summer,” says Alison.

“Any support or donations you are able to offer will assist them to continue to provide incredible care for not only the residents but all of our visitors to the Peninsula.”

To find out more about how you can support the Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal, head to https://www.peninsulahealth.org.au/rosebud-summer-appeal.