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Celebrating Research 2019

Celebrating Research is Peninsula Health’s annual research showcase, which highlights and rewards research achievements throughout Peninsula Health.

The week begun with the annual Jeremy Anderson Oration, presented by Dr Louise Schaper, CEO of the Health Informatics Society of Australia, the peak body for digital health. Dr Schaper spoke about the future of digital health and how for digital health to take off health services need to re-write their business plans.

Professor Velandai Srikanth, Professor of Medicine, Dr Louise Schaper, Diana Heggie, Board Chair, Professor Ken Thomson, Board Director, Rita Cincotta, Board Director, Felicity Topp, Chief Executive and Associate Professor Vikas Wadhwa, Executive Director Medical Services and Clinical Governance at the Jeremy Anderson Oration. 

The Great Debate was hotly contested by the affirmative and negative teams, on the topic Research is bad for your health.

The negative team was made up by Colleen White, Operations Director Women’s, Children and Adolescent Health, Rachelle Anstey, Executive Director of Finance and Dr Stuart Marshall Anaesthetist, Director of Clinical Training and Intern Training, Medical Director of the Simulation Centre. Their argument included a poem, costumes which included a tin hat and reference to a study that found riding in the front of a roller-coaster can be good for your urological health.

Dr Jolyon Ford, Clinical Director of Women’s Health, Anna Couch, Podiatrist and Dr David Snowdon, Allied Health Subacute Research Lead, made up the affirmative team. Their argument included a video, conspiracy theories about the rise of artificial intelligence and a list of academics whose research led their untimely deaths.

The tongue-in-cheek debate was very close, with the affirmative team ultimately winning the debate, moderated by Associate Professor Andrew Davies.

Colleen White, Rachelle Anstey. Dr Stuart Marshall, A/Prof Andrew Davies, Anna Couch, Dr Jolyon Ford and Dr David Snowdon, at The Great Debate. 

Prize winners

During Celebrating Research, staff shared their research through oral presentations and posters.

Congratulations to the below Celebrating Research Prize Winners:

Oral Presentation Competition

Patient Safety and Person Centred Care

Early Researcher

1st SGLT-2 inhibitors in surgical patients: a single centre retrospective cohort study                                     

Dr Victor Ge, ICU

2nd Use of a standardised goal setting package improved the quality of documented discharge planning goals following stroke                      

Mrs Rebecca Barnden, Physiotherapy/Academic Unit

Aged Care and Chronic Disease Management

Early Researcher

1st Balance in patients with or without Ledderhose disease                                                                                 

Dr Imeldah Motoroko, Department of Surgery                                                                                                                                                                  

2nd Comprehensive audit of baseline investigations and subsequent management of  patients with breast cancer at Peninsula Health                                                                                      Dr Suitri Pillai & Dr Vi Luong, Oncology & Medicine                                                                                                                                                              

Experienced Researcher

Associations between age, sex and menopause with brain structure                                                               

Dr Stephanie Than, Academic Unit                                                                                                                                         

Health Services and Population Health

Early Researcher

1st Evaluation of the advanced scope of practice role: PEG credentialing for dietitians                                 

Mrs Jenna Riley & Ms Karman Liu, Nutrition and Dietetics

2nd Delegation of therapy to allied health assistants may improve patient and organisational outcomes in acute hospital settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis                        

Ms Beth Storr, Physiotherapy

Experienced Researcher

Exercise rehabilitation in the intensive care unit – a systematic review and meta-analysis                           

Mr Michael Wang, ICU Physiotherapy                                                                                                                                

Innovative Technologies and Therapies

Early Researcher

1st Additional value of laboratory results for a machine learning algorithm to predict in-hospital cardiac arrest: a single-center retrospective cohort study

Dr Ryo Ueno, Medicine

2nd The Investigation of fat necrosis in the deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap in breast reconstruction                                                                                                                     

Dr Harmeet Bhullar, Department of Surgery

Experienced Researcher

Bronchial thermoplasty increases airway volume measured by functional respiratory imaging                             

A/Prof David Langton, Thoracic Medicine

Poster competition

Patient safety and person centred care

1st Prize

Evaluation of overriding allergy alerts in the electronic prescribing system at Peninsula Health.

Ms Terri Richardson, Ms Vivian Khalil.

2nd Prize

Evaluation of a patient centred care approach on patients’ satisfaction.

Ms Vivian Khalil, Mr Daniel Almer, Ms Birgit Reisenhofer.

Aged care and chronic disease management

1st Prize

Addressing Survivorship Needs of An Elderly Population With Cancer: A Pilot Study of Care Coordination.

A/Prof Zee Wan Wong, Ms Sandra Maciver, Dr Vinod Ganju, Ms Linda Rabbidge, Prof Velandai Srikanth.

2nd Prize

Comprehensive audit of baseline investigations and subsequent management of patients with breast cancer at Peninsula Health.

Dr Babak Tamjid, Dr Sruti Pillai, Dr Vi Luong, Dr Richard Pham.

Innovative technology and therapies

1st Prize

Differences in contrast induced ECG changes during coronary angiography between males and females.

Ms Simran Vinod Benyai , Ms Mania Ahmed, Dr Hashrul Rashid, Dr Justin Cole, Dr Manuja Premaratne, Dr Na Htun,  Prof Jamie Layland.

2nd Prize

The Use Of Collagenase In Dupuytren’s Disease and Skin Tears.

Dr Robert Phan, Prof Warren Rozen, Prof David Hunter-Smith.

Health services and population health

1st Prize

An evaluation of the antimicrobial management of community-acquired pneumonia patients admitted under the respiratory unit at Peninsula Health

Ms Tram Huynh, Mrs Gillian Oates, Mrs Julie Metcalf, Dr Kasha Singh, Dr Peter Kelley, Ms Vivian Khalil.

2nd Prize

An audit of the appropriateness of community acquired pneumonia management in adult non-respiratory patients of an Australian metropolitan hospital.

Ms Elaine Van, Mrs Gillian Oates, Mrs Julie Metcalf, Dr Kasha Singh, Dr Peter Kelley, Ms Vivian Khalil.