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Q&A with Dr Stuart Marshall

Dr Stuart Marshall, Anaesthetist, Director of Clinical Training and Intern Training, Medical Director of the Simulation Centre.

Q: What do you do?

A: I have a diverse role here, as an anaesthetist, Director of Clinical Training and Intern Training and Medical Director of the Simulation Centre. In all of these roles I’m involved in the education of junior and sometimes senior medical staff, nurses and allied health staff.

Q: What do you like most in your job?

A: Lately I’ve been around and about on the wards doing ‘in-situ’ simulation scenarios for both education and to work out how we can improve our processes to ultimately improve the safety and efficiency of the care we provide.

Q: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

A: As well as being an anaesthetist, I also have a PhD in psychology and am interested in how health professionals cope – and how we can support them – during clinical emergencies.

Q: Can you share a memorable moment or highlight?

A: Earlier this year we undertook some in-situ team simulation in the Rosebud operating theatre suite. It was reassuring to hear that when an emergency happened recently, the staff felt prepared, knew where to get help from and worked together as an effective team to produce a positive patient outcome. The staff reported that this was in part because of the training and planning we did in advance.