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Saving lives and honouring the fallen

Darryl and Rhon Nation, with the Ultrasound machine Blue Ribbon Foundation – Peninsula Branch funded at Frankston Hospital. 

Not many charities or organisations can talk of $500,000 raised in the last eight years to help the local community, but that is exactly the case for the Peninsula Branch of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Despite devoting four decades of his life to Victoria Police, Darryl Nation only briefly pondered retirement with his family before succumbing to his wife’s idea of giving back to their local community by raising money for Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals.

“All thanks should go to Rhon,” explains Darryl. “It was because of her insistence that ultimately her idea of a Peninsula Branch became a reality.”

The husband and wife team were already registered volunteers for the Blue Ribbon Foundation, so it was only a short leap of faith from there to starting their own branch.

“Rhon suggested that if we were going to continue volunteering with Blue Ribbon we should start up our own branch,” says Darryl. “We set up a meeting with (Chief Operating Officer) Brendon Gardner to discuss our ideas, and he was very positive, so in April 2011 we launched the Peninsula Branch.”

Rhon and Darryl’s work has an important dual cause, as each time a donation is handed over to Peninsula Health, a dedication is made to a Victorian police officer who lost his or her life in the line of duty. The concept is Blue Ribbon’s across Victoria, and the Nations are very much committed to the cause.

“It gives Darryl and me great pride and satisfaction that our small group is able to help our community whilst remembering our fallen police officers,” says Rhon.

“To see the look on the faces of the fallen police officer’s family, when they realise that their loved one will never be forgotten for their ultimate sacrifice, is a moment that we will always cherish.”

The commitment of Darryl and Rhon is of huge benefit to the local Peninsula community and their passion for what they do is clearly infectious.

“We have our son, daughter, sister, nephew and friends all involved in our Branch and we are very lucky to have their support.

We are also very lucky to have Renee Mazzoni from Peninsula Health in our corner, she is a member of Blue Ribbon Foundation, she always puts her hand up to help us with all of our fundraising and she is a great friend.”

For more information on the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s Peninsula Branch, please visit

www.remember.org.au/branches/peninsula or call Darryl and Rhon Nation on 9775 5978.



  • Glidescopes for both hospitals’ Emergency Departments (ED) ($100,000)
  • Rosebud Hospital CT Scanner ($50,000)
  • Laryngoscope standardisation for Rosebud and Frankston EDs ($50,000)
  • Patient Transport Bus for Rosebud Hospital ($80,000)
  • Specialised tools for Ear Nose Throat procedures at Frankston Hospital ($70,000)
  • Ultrasound Machine for Frankston Hospital ED ($108,000)
  • Haemostasis Analyser for Theatre at Frankston Hospital ($33,500)
  • Blood Pressure monitoring machines for the Surgical Stay Unit ($8,500)

This article was first published in the Autumn edition of Connection Magazine. Read the full edition online here.