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New sensory playground for Rosebud Hospital

Lions Club members

Peninsula Health Children’s Services Program Manager Karen Anderson and Operations Director of Community Health Iain Edwards (first and second from left, front row) and Lions Club of Flinders members (left to right) Mary Iles, Clay Manners, mark Holland and Monica Holland at Rosebud Hospital.


Children on the Southern Peninsula will soon be able to access a purpose-built, sensory playground at Rosebud Hospital, thanks to funds raised by the Lions Club of Flinders.

“The specialised playground offers opportunities for families to learn to support their children with regulation and sensory needs,” explains Karen Anderson, Program Manager of Children’s Services.

“The playground will provide the opportunity for vestibular inputs (to help children having difficulty with balance) and proprioceptive inputs (to help children who have difficulty with the sense of self-movement and body position).”

“Swings are a common part of childhood – the playground will contain a specialist swing with a large box of swing attachments that can be varied for each child. We will also be able to help families to adapt what they can access at home and in their local park to meet their children’s needs,” adds Karen.

“A small trampoline and table for other sensory work will sit under a shade sail and atop rubber soft fall to keep everyone safe.”

The Club held their second annual Flinders Motoring Heritage on the Easter long weekend. More than 150 classic cars took part in the event, lining the streets of Flinders Village and raising $35,000 for Peninsula Health.

“We had such an exciting day with so many wonderful cars on display and will be running the event again next year,” says Mary Iles, Lions Club of Flinders.

“Thanks to all our sponsors for helping us help Peninsula Health with this great project to help kids.”

The funds raised will also be used to buy a special piece of equipment for the Diabetes Clinic. The HbA1c machine is used to inform treatment decisions for children and young adults with diabetes.

To date the Lions Club of Flinders has donated more than $60,000 to Peninsula Health to help promote the health and wellbeing of the local community.

“We are very excited to be able to build the sensory playground thanks to the remarkable fundraising efforts of the Lions Club of Flinders and the support of everybody who attended and organised the event,” says Karen.

classic cars

Classic cars at the annual Flinders Motoring Heritage