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Kangaroo care helping babies thrive

Zoe and baby Edison

The Special Care Nursery at Frankston Hospital participated in a world-wide Kangaroo-a-thon, 15-29 May, where they encouraged parents to spend as much time as possible skin-to-skin with their babies, known as “kangaroo care”, and logged the hours.

New parents Zoe and James did 23 hours of kangaroo care with their son Edison over the 2 weeks.

“Skin-to-skin makes such a difference to the bond you have with your baby, Edison loves it,” says Zoe. “He is so close to my heart. Feeling the warmth on each other is just beautiful and calm, it is such a nice time to have with them. It is really great for Dads to be able to do skin-to-skin as well.”

In total parents in the Nursery did 122 hours and 15 minutes of kangaroo care over the fortnight.

There are many health benefits to kangaroo care explains Special Care Nursery Nurse Unit Manager Alison Conroy-Joyce.

“Kangaroo care is really good for bonding, regulating their oxygen, breathing and heart rate. It also helps to regulate the central nervous system – so it’s one of the safest places for a baby.” Alison says.

It’s now easier for parents to do kangaroo care, thanks to Kate Le Fevre  who raised funds to purchase 2 special reclining chairs.

“The chairs really do make a big difference and help parents to do kangaroo care which has so many benefits for babies and helps them to be able to go home from hospital sooner,” adds Alison.

Zoe and her husband James welcomed Edison on 20 April at 30+4 weeks. After two weeks at a hospital in the city, Edison was transferred closer to home to the Special Care Nursery at Frankston Hospital.

“Edison has almost doubled his birth weight which is amazing,” says Zoe.

 “He has learnt to suck feed and he has graduated from seven zeros to five zeros, yay!”

Zoe and James are looking forward to taking Edison home, however they are full of praise for the care they have received at Frankston Hospital.

“I could not have asked for a better experience in such a stressful situation. The staff have been phenomenal I can’t fault the care, it has been outstanding.” Zoe says.