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Winter health tips

As the temperature drops heading into winter, the number of senior people coming into hospital with pneumonia and ‘flu increases.

Peninsula Health Geriatrician, Dr Kristy Siostrom, shares some tips and ideas to help you and your family stay healthy this winter.

• Have the yearly ‘flu vaccination.
• Check that your pneumonia vaccination is up to date – this is not something you need every year so if you are 65+, check with your GP.
• Maintain a healthy diet – aim to eat lots of fruit and vegetables high in Vitamin C.
• Stay hydrated – in summer people feel thirsty because it’s hot, it is easy to forget to drink as much water as you need in winter. • Keep active – this may need to be an activity indoors in winter.
• Wash your hands – to prevent catching germs or spreading disease.
• Avoid sick people – it is best for friends and loved ones to stay away if they are very unwell, particularly if you have a chronic illness or multiple health concerns.
• Keep warm – if you have heating turn it on, stay rugged up and drink warm drinks.
• Practice good personal hygiene – cough into your elbow rather than your hand and leave meal preparation duties to someone who is well if possible, to avoid spreading germs.
• See your GP regularly to make sure your health is in check.

This story was first published in the Autumn edition of Connection Magazine. Read other stories from the issue online here