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Time to Take a Break for Cancer

Competitive bowler and local Mum Jeanette was diagnosed with breast cancer last year after having a regular mammogram.

“My lump was 9.5cm in diameter – it wasn’t small,” explains Jeanette.

When given the choice where to receive her treatment Jeanette quickly opted to have her care at Peninsula Health, because she lives so close to Frankston Hospital.

Being able to have treatments locally meant the least disruption to her regular activities, like looking after her niece’s children, staying involved in an outreach program and of course continuing with her bowling.

“It was awesome being able to have the treatment at Frankston Hospital. If I couldn’t drive my son could easily drop me off, I’d get a taxi or they’d help organise a pick up for me,” adds Jeanette.

Take a Break for Cancer is raising funds for local cancer services at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals, so more people like Jeanette can access the best of care close to home. Gather your friends, family and colleagues together to host an event on 20 June, the official Take a Break for Cancer Day, or anytime this winter.

Jeanette’s treatment included chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. 

“I had chemotherapy first and the lump shrunk down to 2cm. Then I had a bi-lateral mastectomy, reconstruction and 35 lymph nodes removed,” says Jeanette.

“At one point I had a meltdown. When I was upset I spoke to Fiona in the Chemotherapy Unit who was lovely, Rhonda the Breast Care Nurse was also so supportive and Dr Zee Wan Wong answered all of the questions I had.”

“The staff are just fantastic – I could not have asked for better care.”

A few months on, Jeanette is doing really well and has finished her cancer treatment.

“With my tenpin bowling I was supposed to represent Australia in Japan December last year. I did say to all my specialists that actually hurt me more to have to give up my spot, than being told I had breast cancer,” says Jeanette.

“Now I’m getting my energy levels back and I hope to qualify to compete in Hong Kong next year.”

To find out more about how you can Take a Break for Cancer, head to www.takeabreakforcancer.org.au.