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Rosebud Hospital saves Rye man’s life

Rye local Ronnie Streete was at work on a Sunday morning, when he was overtaken by a sharp pain in his chest which was so bad that he could barely breathe.

“I felt like I was having a heart attack,” recalls Ronnie.

“The symptoms just grabbed me and took over – I was in extreme pain and it was hard to breathe.”

Ronnie went straight to Rosebud Hospital Emergency Department, where the staff worked quickly to relieve his pain and save his life. 

Rosebud Hospital is often the first stop for critically ill patients on the Southern Peninsula, like long-time local Ronnie. This holiday season, the Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal is back. Peninsula Health is calling on the local community to support its local hospital, so doctors and nurses have access to the latest medical equipment to provide the best possible care to patients.

Ronnie wasn’t having a heart attack – rather he had a collapsed lung, which can be fatal.

“I was pretty bad when I got to the hospital so they gave me some morphine, took some blood and did an X-Ray,” recalls Ronnie.

“That’s when they told me there was air on my lungs, which had gotten out through a pin hole in my lung.”

Sometimes pneumothorax – a collapsed lung – can occur spontaneously, for no apparent reason, and this is what happened to Ronnie, explains Rosebud Emergency Nurse Unit Manager Jacqui Allen.

“A collapsed lung is very serious as it impedes a person’s ability to breathe and can potentially cause the collapse of the other lung,” explains Jacqui.

“This condition occurs when air leaks into the space between the lungs and the chest wall.”

“If anyone experiences symptoms similar to Ronnie, it is important they go straight to the Emergency Department for urgent medical treatment.”

Doctors used a needle to remove the excess air from around Ronnie’s lungs and he then spent one week recovering in hospital while the extra air drained away and his lung re-inflated.

Ronnie is incredibly grateful for the care he received at Rosebud Hospital and is encouraging people to support the Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal, including the annual intersection collection at Rye, Rosebud and Dromana on 25 January.

“Get the tins out that’s a good idea,” says Ronnie.

Jacqui agrees.

“I’ll be there shaking tins,” says Jacqui.

“We are very thankful for any support the local community can give, to help us provide the very best of care to the people on the Southern Peninsula, when they need it most.”