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Dr Shyaman’s summer safety tips

Dr Shyaman Menon, Clinical Director of the Emergency Departments (ED) at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals, shares the most common reasons why people present to the ED over the summer, and some tips to stay safe.

Alcohol-related conditions

“We would like everyone to celebrate at this time or year, but please be sensible about alcohol consumption,” says Dr Menon.

“We see a number of presentations related purely to alcohol consumption, but also events secondary to that, such as road trauma or other injuries, which can be quite severe and can even cause death.”


“Besides the motor vehicle accidents which we see all year around, during summer we see an increase in injuries from bikes, diving and jet-skis,” says Dr Menon.

“Be safe on the water, be safe on the roads and be respectful of others in the water and on the roads.”

“If you do witness somebody injure themselves, try to create a safe environment for the patient so they don’t get injured again and call for an Ambulance.”

Water safety

“We see an increased number of presentations of drownings, or near drownings during summer,” explains Dr Menon.

“We urge everyone to take note of the water safety measures around them. If you’re at the beach swim between the flags; if you’re at home check the pool fence is working and make sure children are always supervised by an adult around water.”

“If you witness a near drowning or injury related to water, the first thing to do if it’s possible and safe to do so is lie the patient on their side and keep them in that position. Then call 000.”


“Leading up to Christmas we have an increased number of injuries coming through that are related to falls,” says Dr Menon.

“We see patients who have fallen off ladders trying to put up Christmas lights or clean the house up ready for Christmas celebrations.”

“We do have a number of visitors to the Peninsula over the summer and we see patients who have hurt themselves trying to clean and set up holiday houses.”

“Take extra pre-caution when climbing up and down ladders, or call the experts to come in and assist you during this period of time.”