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New OPG service opens at Rosebud Hospital

Pictured: Colin Chapman having an OPG scan done by Head of Rosebud Radiology, Damien Barbour.

Safety Beach great-grandfather Colin Chapman is one of the first patients to benefit from the new OPG – Orthopantomogram – machine at Rosebud Hospital.

Colin, who turns 91 next month, had a bad fall a few years ago and has some difficulty chewing. His Dentist requested Colin get an OPG scan done, to get a good picture of what is going on in his mouth.

“An OPG takes a panoramic view of the jawbone and teeth,” explains Damien Barbour, Head of Rosebud Radiology.

“If people need a scan to diagnose jaw fractures or dental conditions, now they can have it right here at Rosebud Hospital.”

“This means faster diagnosis, and faster treatment for people who present to the Emergency Department with a jaw injury and for people referred by their dentist, who previously would have had to travel to Frankston or a private provider.”

The Rosebud Radiology team is offering a walk-in service for patients with a referral for an OPG, which really impressed Colin.

“The dentist at Rosebud Community Dental Clinic wrote the referral and I walked straight there after my appointment and it was all organised for me to have the OPG, there on the spot,” recalls Colin.

“That was terrific – it saves us elderly people a lot of travelling around the country-side to get the service.”

Colin was also pleased with how fast – it takes just 10 seconds for the machine to capture the image – and painless it was to have the scan.

“There was very little pain and the operator was the most pleasant gentleman,” says Colin.

“I am absolutely satisfied with the service and how they went about everything – they even sent the scans straight to my dentist to look at.”

In November, 32 people had an OPG scan and this number is expected to grow each month.

The setup of this new service was made possible by the Rye Op Shop, which donated $225,000.

“Thank you very much to the Rye Op Shop for funding this world class piece of equipment,” says Damien.

“It will benefit more than 500 people every year and we are excited it is now operating just in time for the busy Summer holiday period, when the number of presentations to Rosebud Emergency Department more than doubles.”

For more information, contact Rosebud Radiology Department (03) 5986 0631.