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Vincent’s health scare and the great care at Rosebud Hospital

When Vincent’s face went numb while he was playing golf, he went straight to Rosebud Emergency Department (ED).

“I thought potential stroke – so I did all the preliminaries, went through F.A.S.T – I asked the other guys am I slurring, is my face starting to droop?” Vincent Jugowitz recalls.

“I knew if it was a stroke I needed to get to hospital straight away so I went to Rosebud ED.”

When Vincent arrived, the doctors and nurses started running a number of tests to try and determine whether Vincent was having a stroke.

“They were wonderful, very consoling,” says Vincent.

“The whole time they were telling me what was happening and reassuring me – you don’t get better than that.”

Stroke was ruled out and it was eventually determined that Vincent had bels palsy, which is why his face had gone numb.

“People’s most important thing is health – we are lucky to have the most fantastic hospital in Rosebud,” says Vincent.

Rosebud Hospital is the first stop and shining light for people on the Southern Peninsula. The Emergency team is there to provide emergency care for everything from broken fingers to life-threatening illnesses.

The Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal occurs annually to support the local hospital, which has such a big role caring for the Southern Peninsula community.

While Vincent ended up being ok, not all men are quite so lucky and he is urging other men to take care of themselves and seek medical help if they think something might be not quite right.

“Men are hopeless with health – everyone is scared to go to hospital,” says Vincent.

“I encourage other guys around me to look after their health, have prostate checks and go to the doctor if they think something isn’t right.”


Using the F.A.S.T. test involves asking these simple questions:

Face Check their face. Has their mouth drooped?

Arms Can they lift both arms?

Speech Is their speech slurred? Do they understand you?

Time Is critical. If you see any of these signs call 000 straight away.