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The consumer making a difference

When Safety Beach local Norman Jones retired seven years ago, he decided to get involved with his local health service as a consumer representative.

“My neighbour asked me to join the Southern Community Advisory Group (CAG),” explains Norman.

“I said yes I’d like to do it and I’m rather glad I did.”

Since then Norman’s involvement with Peninsula Health has grown. As well as the Southern CAG, Norman is also a member of the Partnering with Consumers Committee, Car Parking Committee, Smoke Free Working Group and the Community Advisory Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors.

“As consumers, we see a different side to people who work here,” says Norman.

“Sometimes when I put forward a suggestion, the staff will be like well we didn’t think of that.”

After moving to Australia from England almost 30 years ago, the great-grandfather is passionate about advocating for his local health service in the community.

“I play golf, petanque and my wife and I walk a lot. I always talk to people in the community about what’s happening at Peninsula Health,” he says.

“You put the truth out there which I think is really good.”

Norman, his family and many of his friends have all been patients at Peninsula Health at some point. He says consumers play an important role in helping the health service to improve their services and achieve the best outcomes for patients.

“I think it’s great that Peninsula Health do have so many consumer reps on these committees.”

“I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think I was making a difference.” Norman said.

Find out more about becoming a consumer representative at Peninsula Health here.