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Advance Care Planning on the agenda for Singaporean delegation visit to Peninsula Health

Dr Raymond Ng and Peninsula Health Chief Executive Felicity Topp at Frankston Hospital. 

Peninsula Health recently hosted a delegation of medical, allied health and nursing staff from Singapore’s Regional Healthcare Systems, to discuss how the two countries manage Advance Care Planning.

Dr Fergus McGee and Belinda Berry, who lead the Advance Care Planning (ACP) program at Peninsula Health, gave the visitors led by Dr Raymond Ng, ACP Clinical Lead from Tan Tock Seng Hospital, a comprehensive tour of the health service and how ACP is embedded into clinical practise.

“Our process for identifying ACP is at the point of entry to our health service – we were able to show the delegation how our IT alerts system for this works,” explains Dr Fergus.

“Legislation recently came into effect from March 2018 which sets out who is the Medical Treatment Decision Maker, Appointed Support Person and allowing the Advance Care Plan to be legally binding should the person lose capacity.”

“Our policy and decision making charts were well received by the delegation and they suggested that they could use a similar format in their own health service,” adds Ms Berry. “We also have a comprehensive E-Learning package that we were able to share with them.”

Roland Chong, Senior Advance Care Planning Coordinator at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, says there were many learnings from the visit.

“It is interesting and eye-opening for us to learn that Peninsula Health strives to make ACP everyone’s business,” says Mr Chong.

“It is the role of every healthcare worker, including the hospital’s admissions person, to ask if a person has an Advance Care Plan and record it in the Electronic Medical Record for other providers to follow.”

“Making ACP everyone’s business is visionary and at the same time, reassuring in that it validates we are moving in the right direction for the long haul.”

There are many commonalities between Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Peninsula Health when it comes to the demographics of patients.

“Singapore face similar challenges of an ageing population with multifaceted social issues and we are interested in how the Peninsular Health system tackles these issues through care integration and patient empowerment, particularly in the area of Advance Care Planning.” Dr Ng says.

The delegation witnessed how Advance Care Planning is provided in an acute setting at Frankston Hospital, in a sub-acute setting at The Mornington Centre and Golf Links Road Rehabilitation, and in people’s homes by ACP clinicians.

Peninsula Health staff were interested to learn more about how the electronic health record works in Singapore.

“The National ACP IT system in Singapore is shared across the healthcare systems including  the primary care sector and enables key practitioners to have ready access to Advance Care Planning documentation to align with patient’s care and goals,” explains Dr Ng.

“We are just starting on this information sharing platform with My Health Record, so it was good to hear about how they have used this technology,” adds Ms Berry.

Peninsula Health staff were also impressed to learn how embedded Advance Care Planning is in Singapore Hospitals.

“In Singapore, they strive to manage the service delivery to target patients attending hospital, with significant numbers of clinicians on the ground at Tan Tock Seng Hospital having the discussion and documenting the patients’ values and future care preferences.”

Dr McGee and Ms Berry thanked the delegation for visiting and providing the opportunity to share information between our health services.

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