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Caring for kids – and their parents – in the Emergency Department

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Simone Wright says team at Frankston Emergency Department went above and beyond to care for her son after he suffered a serious concussion, and also herself, as a worried Mum.

“Caiden was playing tag at school when he fell and hit his head,” explains Simone.

“We took him to the GP and he was fine. Then about an hour later he started complaining that his leg couldn’t stop moving. We called the doctor who told us to go straight to Emergency.”

“By the time we got to hospital he couldn’t walk so I had to carry him.”

The Langwarrin Mum says from the moment they arrived, the staff were incredible with how they treated her 10-year-old son, and herself.

“From the minute we arrived, to the minute we left – they were just amazing.”

“Caiden started having seizures, his mouth drooped and he lost his strength on his right side.”

“One of the staff could see I was about to burst into tears so she comforted me while another nurse sat down and engaged my son.”

The team did rounds of tests to determine the cause of the symptoms and Caiden was then admitted to the Paediatrics Ward for the night.

After the scans came back clear, Caiden was referred to a Paediatric Neurologist, who put all of the symptoms down to the concussion.

A few weeks on and Caiden has made a full recovery.

“Now you wouldn’t know that it happened,” says Simone.

“I’m still recovering, but he is fine!”

Simone says both she and her son wanted to get in touch with the ED team to say thanks.

“Even my son said Mum I really want to thank them all.”

“They really were lovely – I felt safe and that they had my son’s best interests at hand.”

“So we wanted to say thank you – we really are lucky to have a service like this on our doorstep.” Simone said.