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Do you know the signs of stroke?

Clinical Director of Emergency, Dr Shyaman Menon.

Every nine minutes someone in our community suffers a stroke.

Peninsula Health’s Clinical Director of Emergency, Dr Shyaman Menon, explains what happens when you suffer a stroke:

“A stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted by a blockage or tear in the artery or blood vessels.”

“Blood is carried to the brain by arteries, and contains the oxygen and nutrients your brain cells need. Without this, brain cells die.”

“While brain cells usually die shortly after the stroke starts, some can last a few hours if the blood supply is not cut off completely, which is why it is so important people get to the Emergency Department as soon as possible after having a stroke, so medication can be administered to save these cells.”

“Every minute we delay emergency treatment after a stroke, 1.9 million neurons in the brain are lost.”

“If we can thrombalyse that patient, by giving them the special clot-busting medicine, we can prevent further brain cell death. But it must be given within four hours of the stroke – so every second really counts.”

That’s why with stroke, it’s so important that our local Hospital is equipped with the latest technology. It means our doctors and nurses can act fast in a stroke emergency, where minutes can literally mean the difference between a full recovery and permanent brain damage.

Please give today, and together, we can give all local patients fast access to emergency stroke care so they too can survive and make a full recovery.