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Cutting edge care

Peninsula Health is leading the way in women’s health, opening a new clinic where a common gynaecology procedure is now performed in an outpatient setting, rather than in the operating theatre.

The Hysteroscopy Clinic uses the very latest technology to look inside the patient’s uterus to diagnose and treat abnormalities of the uterus.

Women are back at home a few hours later, avoiding a stay in hospital.

“This service is about putting the patient at the centre of the care we provide. We fit into the patient’s daily schedule rather than the other way around,” explains Dr Jolyon Ford, Clinical Director of Women’s Health.

“Recovery time is quicker, there is less risk with no general anaesthetic, and women are able to get back into their regular routine sooner.”

Frankston resident Marta was the first patient to access the clinic, which opened in June.

She was referred to Frankston Hospital after experiencing pain in the pelvis.

“My doctor sent me to have an ultrasound and it showed there may be something there, but it wasn’t clear,” explains Marta.

“I have a cancer history in my family so my doctor was concerned about what was happening.”

Marta needed to have a hysteroscopy so the doctor could take a biopsy and further investigate what was going on.

Until recently, this would have meant a trip to theatre and a longer recovery time. But luckily for Marta she was able to have the procedure in the new outpatient clinic.

Marta, who is also a volunteer at Peninsula Health, went home shortly afterwards and was back to her normal routine the next day.

“It would have been so scary if I had to have a general anaesthetic, but this was fantastic,” says Marta.

“While there was a little discomfort, it was really quick. Everything was done really professionally and with humour which is nice as it’s not the nicest thing to have done.”

A week later Marta received some good news – the biopsy found there were no abnormalities.

Dr Ford says women of all ages will benefit from the new clinic.

“The Hysteroscopy Clinic enables us to treat and diagnose different issues women may experience such as abnormal bleeding, fibroids or polyps.”

“Our Women’s Health team is dedicated to providing women with world-class care, close to home, and this innovation is the latest example of how we are striving to do just that.”

What is a hysteroscopy?

A procedure where the inside of the uterus is examined through a thin telescope inserted through the cervix without the need for surgery.

Studies have shown that outpatient procedures with no general anaesthetic are highly acceptable to women as the discomfort is minimal with a rapid return to normal activities.


Jessica Mills