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Teaching kids good oral health habits

Oral Health Therapist Florin with Ruby, Milla, Ava and Stevie. 

Triplets Ruby, Milla and Ava and their younger sister Stevie love going to the Dentist.

“They get excited about going to the Dentist, they love it,” says Mum Miranda.

The girls get regular dental check-ups at Peninsula Health’s Community Dental Service.

“It is very important kids go to the Dentist regularly,” says Miranda.

“The service at Peninsula Health is excellent and it’s also really convenient.”

The sisters, aged 7 and 3, have good oral health habits at home and Miranda never has issues with trying to get them to brush their teeth.

However not all kids have good oral health.

Peninsula Health Oral Health Therapist Florin Vahgelt does restorative dentistry and preventative dentistry on adolescents and children.

She shares her advice for parents when it comes to looking after their child’s oral health.

Florin’s oral health tips for kids

+ Brush twice a day for 2 minutes

+ Spitting the toothpaste rather than swallowing it

+ Keeping a diet low in sugar and high in dairy

+ Bringing kids in for a check-up is always a good idea, just to make sure that we can check what’s going on and possibly help them out with a few different techniques

+ Pop the toothbrush in the shower and doing it whilst they’re having a shower

+ Supervise brushing until they are about 8 years old

Another way to encourage kids to brush their teeth is to use an app. There are plenty of apps available, such as the Colgate app, where kids brush along to a song and earn points as incentives to keep brushing.

Peninsula Health runs a private and public dental service at Frankston Hospital, Rosebud Hospital, Hastings Community Health Centre and Carrum Downs.

It’s Dental Health Week, which encourages Australians to take control of looking after their oral health. Have your kids had their teeth checked lately? You can make an appointment online here.