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Speech Therapy team delivers the answers for chatterbox, Molly

Molly with Peninsula Health speech pathologist Jessie Cafarella. 

After having issues communicating, five-year-old Molly McDonald is now thriving thanks to the paediatric speech pathology team at Peninsula Health. 

“Molly wasn’t talking properly so the other kids couldn’t understand what she was saying – she is a beautiful little girl but the other kids didn’t want to play with her because they couldn’t understand her,” explains Molly’s mum, Kelly.

“She’d try to talk to you and you’d go “what is she saying?” – you just could not make it out.”

After an assessment at kinder found Molly wasn’t ready for school, she was referred to Peninsula Health’s Children’s Services team, who support children in their development. Molly was linked in with Jessie, one of the team’s speech pathologists last year.

“Molly loved it. She called it speech kinder,” says Kelly.

“We did group therapy and then we moved into a single one-on-one series this year.”

“Speech pathologist Jessie always had a game to play with Molly and was really good with her,” adds Kelly.

“She’d give us homework, which was usually games and some sheets to carry on with when we got home.”

Molly’s speech has now improved immensely – she is doing really well at kinder and is ready for school next year.

“We have seen a 90% improvement in her speech,” says Kelly.

“Now she’s leading the play at kinder and talking in front of the class in a confident voice.”

“The speech pathology service was brilliant and I couldn’t recommend Jessie more.”

It’s Speech Pathology Week 19-25 August, which highlights the important role of everyone in our community being able to communicate with each other.

If you are concerned about your child’s preschool speech development, contact Peninsula Health on 1300 665 781 to book an assessment. 

If your child has an NDIS plan or if you are waiting for an NDIS planning you are welcome to contact us to discuss our NDIS services.

Communication milestones for kids

12 Months – understand about 10 words. Start to use sounds, gestures and say a few words.

18 Months – understand up to 50 words and some short phrases. Say 6-20 single words.

2 Years – follow simple two part instructions. Say more than 50 single words.

3 Years – follow more complex two part instructions. Say 4-5 words in a sentence.

4 Years – answer most questions about daily tasks. Use words, such as ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘because’, to make longer sentences.

5 Years – follow three part instructions (e.g., put on your shoes, get your backpack and line up outside). Use well-formed sentences to be understood by most people.

Source, Speech Pathology Australia.

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