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Local girls sell slime to support Cancer Services at Frankston Hospital

Cousins sell slime to raise funds for Cancer Services

Cousins Mikayla and Holly and their great-grandmother Nana Val. 

When their great-grandmother “Nana Val” started undergoing cancer treatment at Frankston Hospital, cousins 10-year-old Holly and 12-year-old Mikayla decided they wanted to do something to help.

“They asked if they could go down to the shops and buy ingredients to make slime to sell,” explains Holly’s Mum Danielle.

“They made the slime and then they set up a little stall out the front of our house with a sign saying it was for Frankston Hospital.”

Neighbours came by, donated and bought the slime, much to the delight of the young fundraisers.

Nana Val, the inspiration behind their efforts, has melanoma. After having an operation, the 90-year-old is now having regular infusions through the Chemotherapy Day Unit at Frankston Hospital. 

“She had a melanoma on her lower leg. She hadn’t noticed it but it had gotten really large so she had it removed and then went to Bass Ward for recovery,” explains Danielle.

“Scans showed it has spread to her lungs and liver, which is why she is now having chemotherapy.”

A theatre nurse at Frankston Hospital, Danielle is used to being the one caring for patients. She says her and her family are pleased with the care Val has received at Frankston Hospital.

“My Nan is coping really well and she’s been very happy with the care she’s received. She’s told the girls and everybody that the doctors and nurses are great.”

Demand continues to grow for our chemotherapy service, which is why Peninsula Health is asking the community to Take a Break for Cancer and raise funds to expand cancer services on the Peninsula. This will ensure more people like Val have access to fast diagnosis, fast treatment, and the care and support they need, close to home.

Take a Break for Cancer today by hosting your own fundraising event or making a donation online.

Danielle says she is very proud of the girls for Taking a Break for Cancer and supporting their local health service.

“They decided to donate all of the money they raised to the hospital – they didn’t even want to take out their own money they had spent on ingredients.”

“My family and I are really proud of the girls for their efforts.”

Take a Break for Cancer