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Patient feedback goes straight to the top

Felicity chats with patient Gary.

Peninsula Health Chief Executive Felicity Topp and our senior management team are visiting patients on the wards this month at Frankston Hospital to hear first-hand feedback from patients.

“This new patient experience initiative gives the staff in charge of running our hospital the opportunity to visit patients and families on the wards and ask about their care,” says Felicity.

“We want to hear all the ideas patients have which could improve their experience – no matter how big or small they may be.”

“We strive to provide world-class care to our patients every day and everyone has a role to play to help us achieve this.”

“If myself or one of my colleagues does stop by to say hello, I encourage all patients and family members to speak up and raise any concerns or ideas they may have.”

Cranbourne resident Colin was one of the first patients to speak with Felicity.

A retired Ambulance Officer, he had a few stories and jokes to share. When asked about the care at Frankston Hospital he said he couldn’t fault it.

“It’s fantastic, I can’t speak highly enough of the staff,” said Colin.

Felicity also spoke to Mornington local Gary, who comes into hospital regularly to receive treatment to help him manage his chronic back pain.

Last year he came in 14 times. This year he is already on his fifth visit.

“I can’t knock this place at all, even the food is pretty good,” said Gary.

“It’s good they now have free Wi-Fi available too.”

Gary did have a concern about the way the TVs operate.

“I think the TV remotes need to have an input for headphones, it can get a bit loud with four people in one room all on different channels.”

Felicity and other members of the leadership team are taking all feedback they receive into consideration and working to make the hospital even better for all patients and their families.

If you have feedback you’d like to share about your experience with Peninsula Health, please email customer.relations@phcn.vic.gov.au.

Colin had a few thoughts to share with Felicity.