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Close to home cancer care a comfort

Margaret with Rosebud Chemotherapy Unit Nurse Jo. 

Margaret Wood was caravanning around Queensland when she experienced sharp pains on the right side of her stomach.

“I thought it must be my appendix, I better go to the hospital,” recalls Margaret.

“That’s when I found out I had bowel cancer and spots on my lungs and liver.”

One month later, she was back in Victoria having life-saving surgery at Frankston Hospital.

“They removed part of my bowel and I spent 16 days in hospital recovering before starting chemotherapy.”

The Rosebud resident of 23 years was relieved to be able to have chemotherapy close to home at Rosebud Hospital.

Demand continues to grow for our chemotherapy service, which is why Peninsula Health is asking the community to Take a Break for Cancer and raise funds to expand cancer services on the Peninsula. This will ensure more people like Margaret have access to fast diagnosis, fast treatment, and the care and support they need, close to home.

“Every three weeks I had intravenous chemotherapy – however that was making me terribly sick.”

“I’m now doing this new chemo with the bottles, where I wear that around my neck at home for 48 hours. I come in to the Chemotherapy Unit twice a week for blood tests and to make sure everything is working.”

The chemotherapy and surgery have worked so well that Margaret recently received some very good news from her oncologist.

“I had a CT scan and the shadows on my liver are still there but they’re like empty shells, so the cancer is gone. The spots on my lung were fairly insignificant and they’re gone as well.”

The great-grandmother is encouraging others to get behind Take a Break for Cancer.  

“It’s good to do whatever you can to support the hospital – whether it’s volunteering or making a donation to help expand the cancer services here. It is such a big saving to a lot of people to have the care they need close to home.”

Take a Break for Cancer today by hosting your own fundraising event or making a donation online.


Jessica Mills