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Women’s health physio wins award for excellence

Noosh’s family were there to present Jane with the award. 

Physiotherapist Jane Young has been recognised for her role making a difference to people with continence issues and building the women’s health physiotherapy service.

On 18 April, Jane was announced as the recipient of the Noosh McGrath Excellence in Physiotherapy Award.

The award is given each year in memory of Noosh McGrath, who gave a lasting contribution to patients and fellow staff members when she worked as a physiotherapist at Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre, prior to her passing in December 2013. Noosh’s family was on hand to present Jane with the award and see how the mobility garden, opened last year in Noosh’s honour, has flourished.

“I really feel so honoured to be put on par with people like Noosh and the other people who have already won this award,” says Jane.

“I feel privileged to be a physio and in particular to work for Peninsula Health.  I’m so grateful management have been so supportive and given me the freedom to explore my interests, including my passion for women’s health. ”

Sally Harrowfield, Head of Physiotherapy at Peninsula Health, says Jane was not only nominated for the award by her physio peers, but also by senior managers, nurses, medical consultants and administration staff.

“Jane is described as someone who goes above and beyond for each and every patient,” says Sally.

“She is selfless, unorthodox, eccentric, passionate and brilliant. Jane is credited by her colleagues for single handedly building our women’s health physiotherapy service from the ground up and I tend to agree with them.”

“Under Jane’s watch, the women’s health physio stream has absolutely flourished and she has continued to drive innovation and improvement to ensure women are getting the best physio service that we can provide.”

Jane has also had a big effect on the lives of many people on the Peninsula with bladder and bowel issues.

“Jane assists men, women and children with continence issues, improving their quality of life out of sight by providing highly specialised assessment and physiotherapy,” says Sally.

“The impact Jane has on her patients is immeasurable and it’s so lovely to see.”

Congratulations Jane. 

Sally Harrowfield, Head of Physiotherapy and Jane Young. 


Jessica Mills