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From Criminology to Nursing

Hi everyone. I’m Karly and I am one of the new graduate nurses at Peninsula Health for 2018. Honestly, I still cannot believe I am finally here. I am very excited to have the opportunity to share my exciting yet challenging journey I have ahead of myself this year with you all.

I originally started University into 2012 studying a Bachelor of Criminology. I was so sure at the time that this is exactly what I wanted to do. However, as time passed I began to question where I was going with this degree? Was my expectation of the role of a Criminologist the actual reality? Unfortunately, unlike nursing there were no components of my Criminology degree that required me to do placements. Due to these hesitations and my lack of experience in this field of work, I eventually decided to transfer across to psychology. Although I enjoyed psychology I still felt like this wasn’t where my passion was. During this time, I was working at a doctor’s clinic as a medical receptionist. I loved my job and the people I worked with however I hated the fact that I couldn’t help our patients to the extent I had wished. That’s when it dawned upon me, maybe I should try nursing. Three years later and here I am… a registered nurse. Although it may have taken me sometime to get here, it was certainly worth the wait.

I was absolutely over the moon when I found out I was offered a position at Peninsula Health. Excited was an understatement! But before I knew it, February the 5th had arrived. There I was… standing in my navy blue scrubs, feeling nauseous and absolutely petrified for day one as a nurse. What was I thinking? Nursing, was I ready for this? Well… only time would tell.

Here I am now, nine weeks into my first rotation. 5FN is a respiratory and renal ward however in saying that we oversee a variety of patients with various conditions within this speciality. This ward is by far one of the busiest wards I have ever had the opportunity of experiencing. My first three weeks on 5FN were initially daunting. On day one, I was SO NERVOUS! I had never done a placement at Peninsula Health prior to my grad year, which meant I was unfamiliar with the computer system they used. I was petrified that I was going to make a mistake.

Nine weeks on and I have come to the conclusion that this ward and the workload can be very overwhelming at times. However, the staff on this ward are honestly amazing. They’re SO SUPPORTIVE, their work ethic is incredible and they are all so knowledgeable. I think I have asked more questions in the past nine weeks than I have in my entire lifetime… but despite how many questions I need to ask, they stop what they are doing and help me. As the 5FN staff have said to me “there is no such thing as a stupid question, a stupid question is a question not asked”. If it wasn’t for their help over the past nine weeks, I wouldn’t be standing where I am today. It really is true what they say, there is no I in team!

Something I have come to realise is that at the end of the day, we are only human and we all have our moments. Sometimes there will be good days and bad days and this is COMPLETELY OKAY! I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to experience my graduate year with Peninsula Health and I am very excited to see what the remainder of the year holds for me.

Thank you 🙂