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Baby Autumn makes early arrival, just in time for Christmas

It was a few days before Christmas and Afton Nido, who was pregnant with her first baby, had just finished work for the year and was looking forward to a restful break with her family.

However her baby had other ideas.

“I woke up on Friday night with sharp abdominal pain so I went to the hospital. Six hours later on Saturday morning I had Autumn via an emergency C-section just shy of 31 weeks,” recalls Afton.

“I had no idea we were going to have her when we went into Frankston Hospital that night.”

“I developed very severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome but I didn’t know it at the time. Usually high blood pressure is a warning sign but I didn’t have that symptom prior to being admitted.”

Baby Autumn was born on 23 December weighing 1.56kgs. She was then transferred to another hospital for a few weeks, before returning to the Special Care Nursery at Frankston Hospital.

“Autumn is my favourite season even though we call it Fall in Canada,” explains Afton, who now lives in Cranbourne West with her Australian husband, Mark.

Autumn spent almost five weeks in the Special Care Nursery at Frankston, growing and having many milestones.

“She learnt to feed at the Nursery so she’s no longer on a nasal tube and we’ve watched her learn how to cry going from a squawk to a real crying baby.”

“She also had her first bath while we were in the Nursery which was really exciting for us.”

Baby Autumn went home on 9 February and is doing great – she’s well over 3kg now, loves cuddles and is learning to smile.

Afton, who works in the research department at Peninsula Health, says it was great to have Autumn at a hospital so close to home.

“My experience made me realise how important all of the research we do and being a teaching hospital is – to have that level of care and expertise so close to home ensured the safety of myself and my baby. I feel really grateful to be an employee here,” says Afton.

She also thanked all the doctors and nurses for taking such great care of Autumn and also of herself.

“The care has been phenomenal; I honestly cannot say enough good things about the Special Care Nursery and the Midwifery Unit who took care of me after surgery.”

“They look after the Mums and Dads as well as the babies in the Nursery and that’s a really important quality that stands out for me.”


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums, especially new Mums like Afton. Every year around 3000 babies are born at Frankston Hospital. The Special Care Nursery cares for babies born from 32 weeks pregnancy onward, needing closer observation or specialised treatment. Help new Mothers and Babies access the best of care close to home by making a Gift In Celebration this Mother’s Day.