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Milly’s first five weeks as a graduate nurse

Hey, I’m Milly, I was lucky enough to snag a spot with Peninsula Health for my grad year and for my first rotation – EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT!

Leading up to my first day I had a mix of emotions. I on one hand was refreshed, excited and had a sense of pride when after finishing Uni. The excitement of becoming an RN and working with patients in my role was the reward of all that hard work. I felt ready and super eager to begin my journey as an RN in my new career.

On the contrary there was the fear of not knowing everything, forgetting vital information, worrying about people judging you and being slower than everyone else, getting used to doing medications and having full accountability.

Soon enough the day came – orientation was done and I was on my first supernumery shift, it had been a while since I had been in Frankston ED (on placement 2 years prior) so I was looking forward to returning to the department. The only word I can use to describe the overall feeling of my supernumery shifts is neutral. There were days I felt overwhelmed and unsure – getting used to the online system takes a little while but you pick it up pretty quickly. Other days I had great patient flow and felt really comprehensive in working up patients.

Everyday is different and everyday I learn a little bit more and get exposure to all kinds of patients with varying conditions. The ED team (all inclusive) is phenomenal, even when it is busy there is always someone to give a hand or ask a “silly” question (insert the saying “there is no such thing as a silly question”) and believe me I ask A LOT of questions – they all know you’r e new and orientating to the department so it’s all good.  

I think its super important to say that even in the first few weeks on my own I have learnt that you can’t always catch up on the workload and that’s okay – always ask for help or handover what you can’t do. And when you have free time offer a hand because it’s what makes this department such a pleasure to work in.

I just wanted to add a little side note that even when the workload is heavy and it can all seem rushed and slightly chaotic (it’s not always like this btw) – take a minute to reflect and enjoy the simple little moments of what it is to be a nurse.

Its only week 5 and I am absolutely loving ED!