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The singing obstetrician with big plans for women’s health

Dr Jolyon Ford is a highly experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist, with impressive plans to innovate and improve women’s health services at Peninsula Health.

I am working towards expanding our services to provide more clinics, better continuity and improved follow up for women,” says Dr Ford.

The Clinical Director of Women’s Health is also a father of two, who enjoys making music and cooking with his daughters as well as some yoga with his wife.

“I have a lot in common with my family – we all play guitar, piano and sing,” explains Dr Ford.

“My musical background was playing violin, but when I got to medical school I started playing guitar in a band named after some of our favourite curries! I’ve enjoyed playing guitar ever since.”


Dr Ford says it was the opportunity to improve health outcomes for women on the Peninsula, that prompted him to close his private practice and join Peninsula Health in February 2017. 

“If I can make even a small difference to improve the service, then I can perhaps make a difference to nearly three thousand births a year and thousands of surgical procedures,” says Dr Ford.

He has delivered more than one thousand babies during his career and will continue to look after patients and teach junior medical staff, as well as leading the department.


Dr Ford says one of the most rewarding experiences of his career was saving the life of an injured pregnant woman.

“She was seriously ill after an injury. Sadly, we lost the baby, and then we battled to save her life and save her uterus,” recalls Dr Ford.

“After having trouble conceiving again, she eventually fell pregnant and asked me to look after her, even though we’d been through some challenging times together. She named the new baby after me, which was a great honour.”

Originally from England, Dr Ford has enjoyed many milestones since he started practising in 1994. But, there is one that still eludes him.

“I haven’t yet delivered the baby of a baby I’ve delivered, but that would be an interesting first!”

This article was first published in the September edition of Connection Magazine. Read the full edition online here. 

Jessica Mills