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Dad thanks Frankston Emergency Department for taking care of his daughters

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Rex with his daughters Linda and Janine.

Late last year Rex Buckeridge rushed to Frankston Emergency Department (ED) to meet his daughter, who had gone straight to the ED when she found herself struggling to breathe. 

A few weeks later Rex was back at his local hospital again, this time after his other daughter suffered an injury wakeboarding.

“From the volunteers to the administrative staff to the medical and nursing staff, everyone was thoroughly pleasant, professional and extended genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of our daughters,” says Rex, whose two daughters are in their thirties.

Janine had driven to work when she realised something wasn’t right with her breathing. She decided to go to Frankston ED, where she met Rex.

“Her breathing was just atrocious, it was quite scary for her,” explains Rex.

“The staff realised there was a serious concern and she was seen very quickly. They used a spacer and three lots of medication to get her breathing under control.  Her heart was also monitored because of the amount and types of medication being given.”

“It took a while for Janine to recover, but they got her on the right track.”

Rex’s other daughter, Linda, was away water-skiing for the weekend when she came off a wakeboard and landed badly.

When she told her Dad what had happened and that she still wasn’t feeling well, Rex took her straight to Frankston ED.

“Within a few minutes she went into the triage nurse and then bang straight into a cubicle to be monitored,” says Rex.

“Over the next few hours they took X-Rays and CT scans and monitored her carefully.”

ED staff were concerned Linda might have concussion or damage to her spine. Luckily she was cleared of serious injury and sent home to rest and take it easy.

Rex says he was very impressed with the care provided at Frankston Hospital.

“Each time everyone was very professional and it was just so well done.”

“We are extremely grateful for their efforts.” Rex said.