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Six New Year’s Resolutions to make a reality in 2018

Happy New Year!

Here’s six easy yet important things to do to make 2018 your best year yet.

  1. Make an Advanced Care Plan.

Advance care planning involves making a plan for future health and personal care should a person lose their decision-making capacity.  Advance care planning captures peoples’ values and wishes. It enables them to continue to influence treatment decisions, even when they can no longer actively participate. Although it may be a topic people prefer not to think about, it is an important thing to do to make sure you and your family are on the same page, should something happen. Read about Valma’s experience here.

  1. Now Christmas is over it’s time to refresh your diet and focus on healthy eating.

Do you ever eat to the point you feel like you are going to be sick? It may be time to consider practising mindful eating. There are lots of ways to do this, including stopping eating in front of the TV or when staring at your phone – instead focus on what you’re eating. Another easy way to improve your diet is to eat more vegetables. Here’s five, easy and cheap ways to eat more vegetables.

  1. Make time for exercise.

Regular physical activity has important benefits for physical and mental health. It reduces the risk of many health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal problems, some cancers and unhealthy weight gain. The Australian government recommends you do 2.5-5 hours of moderate intensity physical activity per week.  One easy way to fit in exercise is to combine it with your commute to work. Why not ride or walk to work? Or if you’re not close enough to do that, get off a station early or park further away and walk the rest of the distance to work.

  1. Volunteer at Peninsula Health.

More than 800 volunteers currently complement the care and treatment of patients and clients across all the sites of Peninsula Health. Volunteers help out in the wards, kiosks, Emergency Departments, activity rooms, reception areas, in the community and participating in fundraising activities. You can read about Karen’s volunteering experience here. There are also opportunities for consumer representatives who represent patient, consumer, carer and community views on how we provide our services, through participating in our Consumer Participation Program which includes: Community Advisory Groups, Committees, Working Groups and other activities. Read about Dereen’s role as a consumer representative here.

  1. Become an organ donor.

In 2016, 503 people in Australia donated their organs, saving the lives of 1,447 people who received an organ transplant. If you are willing to one day save lives as an organ and tissue donor, register your donation decision online today. It only takes a minute or two, all you need is your Medicare Card number. Jodi is the Nurse Donation Specialist at Peninsula Health and supports families at the time of organ donation. Read more about Jodi and the service she provides at Peninsula Health here.

  1. Support your local hospital

The Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal is currently underway to raise funds for new equipment for Rosebud Emergency Department. Why not get your friends together for afternoon tea and get everyone to bring a gold coin donation for the appeal? We are also looking for volunteers to participate in the appeal in Rye, Rosebud and Dromana on Friday 12 January.