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Rosebud Hospital the first stop when this senior nurse’s family needs care

Nurse practitioner Gail with Charlotte and Julie. 

When Julie Richardson was a little girl, she’d often come to Rosebud Hospital to visit her Mum and Dad at work.

Now, a few decades later, Julie is a senior nurse and Patient Services Manager at her parents’ former workplace. 

Rosebud Hospital is also the first point of call, and shining light, when any of her family needs emergency care.

Eight weeks ago it was her daughter Charlotte who needed help from her local hospital.

“We have a rocky office chair in our house and I was watching Youtube and I fell,” explains nine-year-old Charlotte.

“I tried to protect my head and I put my elbows down.”

The impact of hitting the ground broke Charlotte’s arm.

When she got to the Emergency Department, nurse practitioner Gail Van Summeren looked after Charlotte and the made the process of coming in to hospital not even a little bit scary, according to the grade 3 student.

“The care was really, really good,” says Julie.

“Gail was super friendly and being a nurse practitioner she’s so knowledgeable. She was able to explain the X-Ray and exactly what it meant.”

Charlotte’s right arm was put in a half caste and she got to go back home and back to school with minimal interruption – apart from her Christmas concert.

“I couldn’t do most of the moves,” says Charlotte.

Julie and Charlotte both agree Rosebud Hospital plays a vital role caring for the community – Charlotte has been in before for treatment for an injured pinkie finger and sprained ankle, and her brother came in with a 5cm stick in his foot. Every time they say the care has been exceptional.

The Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal is being held this summer from December through to February, to raise funds for vital new equipment for the ED, so our doctors and nurses have everything they need for fixing broken bones and providing lifesaving emergency care.

You can support Rosebud Hospital ED this summer by donating or hosting your own fundraising event. Visit www.rosebudhospitalsummerappeal.org.au for more information.

Charlotte’s arm is now much better thanks to Gail and the team at Rosebud Emergency Department.