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Rosebud ED first point of call after boating accident

Anna and her brother Liam. 

When local optician Murray O’Brien’s teenage daughter injured her leg participating in Sail Melbourne, he decided to bypass the city hospitals and bring her straight to Rosebud Emergency Department.

“It was quite windy and Anna capsized her boat,” explains Murray.

“The boat has got a little metal venturi flap that lets the water out and it was open. She was sitting on top of the boat on its side and she slipped down and cut her leg on the venturi when the boat overturned.”

It wasn’t until the Rosebud teenager had finished the race and taken off her wetsuit that she realised there was quite a lot of blood on her leg.

“There was a huge gash, just above her ankle,” says Murray.

“They did some first aid on it and said she’s going to have to go to hospital.”

Murray made the decision to drive from St Kilda back to their local Emergency Department at Rosebud.

“I thought she’s had first aid, I’ll take her to Rosebud because it’s close to home.” Murray said.

“They gave her some local anaesthetic, opened the wound up to have a look and wash it out. Then they called in a surgical consult from Frankston Hospital.”

Anna had surgery to mend her wound and one year on is back on the water, sailing again.

“I had confidence the team at Rosebud would be able to handle it pretty well and they did,” says Murray.

“They looked after Anna really well.”

The Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal is being held this summer from December through to February, to raise funds for vital new equipment for the Emergency Department.

You can support Rosebud Hospital ED this summer by donating or hosting your own fundraising event.

Murray is supporting the Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal – if you pop into Designed Eyes in Rosebud you can help doctors and nurses at Rosebud Emergency by popping any spare change in the donation tin.

“It’s extremely important that the local people have access to a good emergency service here in Rosebud.” Murray said.