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Baby Jesse delivered safely after multiple complications

Katie Elsegood is used to being the one caring for others in her role as a nurse at Frankston Hospital.

However the tables were turned and Katie was the one being looked after, with multiple complications during her third pregnancy.

“I had a very rare pregnancy condition called collastasis, which is when your liver doesn’t cope with the amount of hormones and you end up itching non-stop 24 hours a day – it was horrible,” recalls Katie.

“It also has a higher rate of stillbirth. On top of that, he was also a smaller baby and at 32 weeks an ultrasound found I had a placenta abruption.”

A placenta abruption can cause bleeding in the mother and may interfere with the baby’s supply of oxygen and nutrients.

With so many complications, the Cranbourne mother says it was a relief to be looked after by the team at Frankston Hospital.

“It was just a relief because I didn’t have to question what they were doing I wasn’t worried about if everything would be ok because I knew I was in good hands.”

“I felt really at ease with what their plan was – they gave me the best possible care and had me come in every few days for monitoring, ultrasounds and blood tests.”

Jesse was safely delivered via c-section in August at 35 weeks and then spent 13 days in the Special Care Nursery.

Katie has had all three of her children at Frankston Hospital and says if she was to ever have another baby, she’d choose Frankston yet again.

“Absolutely I’d choose Frankston Hospital every time, I couldn’t be happier with the care.”