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Ida’s first operation goes smoothly thanks to summer hospital appeal

Ida Noonan with her daughters Wendy Mack and Joan Joiner-McDermott.

Ida Noonan has seen and done many things in her 99 years – but breaking a bone, having an operation and spending a few weeks in hospital were all foreign experiences for her until November this year.

“I was sweeping the leaves in the garden and the phone rang. I moved quickly, my foot got stuck on my rubber shoes and I hit the pavement,” recounts Ida, when explaining how she ended up in Rosebud Hospital.

“I hit my hip. I had to crawl inside to the phone and ring my daughter who called an ambulance.”

The great-great-grandmother was taken to Rosebud Hospital Emergency Department (ED) in shock.

“I was so cross it was a silly accident,” says Ida. “I had never been in hospital before except to have my children – no operations, or falls, nothing.”

Ida was in pain and needed an X-Ray to assess the damage. Luckily for Ida, Rosebud ED has specially designed new X-Ray capable trolley beds, which were purchased from the funds raised at the inaugural Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal in January this year.

“Instead of transferring a patient via a slide to another bed, X-Rays can now be performed on the actual trolley bed, which reduces the pain and difficulty of a transfer,” explains Damien Barbour, Head of Radiology at Rosebud Hospital.

“It is more beneficial for the patient, reduces the amount of discomfort, and the turnaround times for X-Rays are improved.”

The X-Ray showed that Ida had fractured her hip, and at 99 years old, she needed to have her first operation.

“They put a screw in my hip. If I go to the airport now it will go ding, ding, ding…” laughs Ida.

The Rye resident of almost 50 years was pleased to be able to complete her rehabilitation after the surgery close to home at Rosebud Hospital.

 “The care has been marvellous, everyone has been so good. I highly recommend this hospital to everyone I could not have been treated better,” says Ida.

The Rosebud Hospital Summer Appeal will be held this summer from December through to February, to raise funds for vital new equipment for the ED.

“When people come into the ED, we need to be prepared to act fast,” says Jessica Hall, Associate Nurse Unit Manager of Rosebud Hospital ED.

“From broken bones, to more life threatening conditions, the support from the local community helps us to provide the very best of care close to home, both for our residents and visitors to the Southern Peninsula.”

You can support Rosebud Hospital ED this summer by donating or hosting your own fundraising event. Visit www.rosebudhospitalsummerappeal.org.au for more information.

Jessica Hall and Damien Barbour with a patient in one of the new X-Ray capable trolley beds.