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Frankston a wonderful place with wonderful services says former teacher

Jane is now recovering at home and slowly getting back into one of her favourite hobbies – gardening.

It was a Sunday afternoon and after days of stomach pain and feeling violently ill, Jane Washington decided it was time to go to her local hospital.

“I was feeling worse and worse,” recalls Jane.

“We went down to the Emergency Department (ED) at Frankston Hospital and there were some lovely volunteers who immediately offered me a wheelchair and pointed me to the triage line.”

ED staff could see Jane was deteriorating and moved quickly to diagnose the cause of her pain.

“I had an MRI and they picked up what the problem was and told me I needed to have surgery.”

Surgeons spent more than two and a half hours operating on Jane’s abdomen to fix the cause of the pain – mutated scar tissue left over from an operation many years ago which had grown and knotted in her stomach.

“I woke up on Bass Ward and I was on a drip and some heavy pain medication,” says the former Arts and Crafts teacher.

“I was being looked after beautifully. Everyone, from the girl who came in and cleaned the room to the surgeon, they were all so helpful and kind to me.”

The next step for Jane was to get moving again and start doing some exercises with the physiotherapist.

“Everyone was supportive and encouraging as I recovered from surgery and started walking again,” says Jane.

The Frankston woman was so pleased with the care she received that she decided to write a Letter to the Editor, which was published in The Age newspaper.

“I saw a lovely letter about The Austin and I wanted to share how wonderful Frankston is as a place and how wonderful our services are,” explains Jane.

“The care was 10/10 I couldn’t fault anything. I was very sick and I made a mess of the bathroom but nothing was too much for them.”

“The staff work really hard, they get paid but they’re doing it not just for the money, they’re doing it because they care, you can tell by the way they’re treating you. They’re fantastic.”

The letter Jane wrote to The Age was published on 15 June.


By Jessica Mills