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Dedication and rehabilitation deliver a new life for Pauline

Pauline with one of her old dresses.

A massive stroke at home in January 2015 signalled the start of a new life for Carrum Downs resident Pauline Kranjcec.

“I knew I had to change my lifestyle and lose some weight, and the stroke was the catalyst I needed,” says Pauline.

The 51-year-old began her journey with Peninsula Health as an inpatient at The Mornington Centre, where she recuperated from the initial effects of her stroke.

She then spent 200 days in outpatient rehabilitation at Golf Links Road, and is now walking nearly 11,000 steps daily and has lost over 90 kilograms. 

“Working through my Community Rehabilitation Program with the team was instrumental in my recovery. Everything they taught me I continue to use today. I’m re-learning to do things I used to do as a young person!” says Pauline.

Thea Moloney is Pauline’s Dietician.

“Working with Pauline was an amazing experience for our rehabilitation team. She has always been totally committed to her recovery,” says Thea.

“When we met her she struggled to move and had been isolated for some time. Now she can walk around her neighbourhood and go to the shops independently by bus.”

Pauline’s physiotherapist, Fleur Terrens, says Pauline’s whole outlook on life has changed.

“She was always so committed to her rehabilitation and worked daily to become more mobile and independent, achieving small goals over time. She’s probably the most dedicated patient I’ve ever had,” says Fleur.

Pauline is grateful to the Peninsula Health team as she starts her new life.

“I’ve got my life back now and I couldn’t have got here without their support. They believed in me and I now have a new lifestyle”.

“I love to exercise and eat well now. When I get to 90 kilos I will reward myself and go horse riding. I also hope to visit my family in Queensland by plane for the first time,” says Pauline.

Pauline is just one of many patients in need of extensive rehabilitation. Please, help people like Pauline to  receive the very best of care, close to home, by making a gift today.

Pauline with the rehabilitation team at Golf Links Road, before she lost more than 90 kilograms.


By Emma Smith