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Radiology comes to Mornington

For years, patients at The Mornington Centre – our aged care and rehabilitation unit – had to be transferred to Frankston Hospital for X-rays. Thanks to the installation of a new X-ray machine in February, those days are over.

The Centre’s doctors provided the funds from private consultations to pay for the new X-ray equipment, which is a significant investment into the 90-bed geriatric facility.

“Having radiology services here means our patients can now be seen quicker and without the stress of leaving the building,” explains Mornington Centre Operations Manager, Karen Bull.

“Like Idris, many of our patients may have already suffered an injury. They need the right treatment and support, not the stress of being transferred between facilities unless absolutely necessary.”

 The Mornington Centre cares for mostly older patients with complex conditions, such as dementia, orthopaedic, neurological and respiratory issues, as well as many people recovering from a stroke.

“On admission patients are assessed by our clinical team and a tailored therapy plan is developed with them,” adds Karen.

“Part of those assessments can include radiology services that we can now provide here. We are also installing a DEXA scanner to measure bone density,” says Karen.

“The DEXA equipment measures bone loss. It can be used to diagnose conditions such as osteoporosis, as well as assess a patient’s risk of developing fractures,” adds Karen.

“Our focus is to help patients recover quickly from their illness so they can regain their independence and return to their normal lives faster.”

This story first appeared in the Autumn edition of Connection. You can read the full edition online here