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Pain free thanks to the team at The Mornington Centre

Betty Dyer was in constant pain after having two failed knee replacements but now has a new lease on life thanks to Peninsula Health’s chronic pain management service.

“For some reason my body doesn’t accept knee replacements so I have chronic pain,” explains the great-grandmother.

“I was just in pain all the time and on pain tablets and I thought I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life.”

However everything changed when Betty participated in an eight-week program run by Peninsula Health’s chronic pain management service at The Mornington Centre.

“I told them my goal was to be able to get myself up off the ground if I fall over because a lot of people can’t kneel if they’ve had a knee replacement,” recalls Betty.

“The chronic pain management service didn’t prescribe me any medication whatsoever and instead gave me a paper where one Doctor had written that you can kneel after a knee replacement if you really try.”

The chronic pain management service taught Betty exercises to do to strengthen her knees and also taught her how to meditate and do yoga.

“After a few weeks of strengthening my knees I was home in the lounge room and I thought I’m going to do this so I slid onto the floor,” says Betty.

“Then I thought now I have to get up – so I slid on the floor into a kneeling position and I slowly got myself up. That was so amazing to me. My husband is 80 next year so he couldn’t be picking me up off the floor all the time!”

“Last time I fell over in the driveway I had to throw stones at the gate so the dog would bark and my husband would come to see what the dog was barking at and help me up.”

Betty says she is no longer frightened of falling over again now she knows she can get herself back up.

The Carrum Downs resident can’t speak highly enough of the chronic pain management service.

“I’m pleased with it; I think it’s just wonderful,” says Betty.

“They teach you to concentrate and try and get your mind over the power of what the aching and pains do to you. You have to really believe in it to be able to benefit from it like I did.”

Betty is going to continue doing all of the things she learnt through the chronic pain management service and is pleased to be pain free so she can enjoy spending more time with her 10 grand-children and 6 great-grand-children.

To access the chronic pain management service, you need a referral from a health professional to ACCESS (fax 9784 2309). If you require specific information you can contact the service on 5976 9014.


Jessica Mills