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From Emergency Nursing to Nursing on the Wards

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me – unfortunately full time work has been getting the best of me.

Since my last blog I have finished my rotation in the Emergency Department and moved to a new ward. It would be a lie to say I don’t miss ED because I am a creature of habit and don’t particularly enjoy change.

However I cannot say that I wasn’t excited to move wards, because it meant an opportunity to be exposed to a different group of patients and therefore many new challenges and learning experiences.

My new ward is a Respiratory and Renal ward, and is also the base for infectious diseases, and general medical patients. This can mean on a daily basis I am caring for a wide variety of patients with many different needs.

On the ward we have dialysis patients who can receive this on the ward or in the dialysis unit in the Frankston Integrated Health Centre. These patients require very specific medical care.

We also have many patients with breathing difficulties on a wide variety of different breathing machines such as high flow nasal prongs, BiPAP and CPAP just to name a few.

5FN is rumoured to be one the busiest wards in the hospital and it has lived up to its reputation. Days on the ward can be challenging, with so many new and unfamiliar medications, patients that need to be showered, dressing changes, doctors’ rounds, pain relief and discharge planning happens days before the patient is set to head home.

Slowly I’m adjusting and enjoying the new challenges that I face. I am learning so much that’ll help me in the future. Allied health also has a much bigger impact on the ward than in ED – I spend time conversing much more closely with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, speech pathologists and many more.

The nursing staff and management have also been very friendly and patient with the grads who have had to change from being also completely electronic (like it is in ED) to writing everything on paper! Trying to remember everything to put in my notes at the end of my shift has definitely tested my memory, but I find even after 2 weeks, I’m getting so much better already!