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What does a dietitian eat?

Dietitians are experts when it comes to food, so what do they eat themselves?

Peninsula Health dietitian Thea Moloney kept a food diary to share “warts and all” what she ate over three days.


  • Bircher muesli (yoghurt, milk, muesli, sliced apple). It’s easy to make a batch of bircher muesli to last a few days. It’s a good balance of fibre, fruit and protein for lasting energy and satisfaction in the morning. It’s also easy to eat when you’re in a hurry in the morning and it doesn’t spill onto my work top!
  • Daylesford award winning steak pie. Because it was Sunday morning on a drive home from Daylesford, and it was award winning!


  • Salad with tinned tuna/salmon and feta cheese. It’s easy to make several salads and keep in Tupperware. Aim for three serves of vegetable and one serve of protein per meal. Tuna/salmon add flavor variety in place of salad dressings.
  • Rocky road slice. This was a celebratory discharge meal with a long term client in a cafe


  • Lamb cutlet x 2 + salad. Protein and 2-3 serves vegetables.
  • Pork and veg stir-fry with vermicelli rice noodles. One serve of carbohydrate after exercise.
  • Pork belly with eggplant chips. These meals were eaten while out for dinner and sharing food with friends.
  • Spaghetti Marinara.


  • Greek yoghurt. Dairy and fruit are healthy and portion controlled snacks.
  • Apple / Banana.
  • Rhubarb slice. (This was at a work afternoon tea made by another dietitian, delicious!)
  • Dried fruit and nuts ‘snack size’. Purchased from Aldi pre-packaged as I find it difficult to stop at one handful of nuts per day.


  • 5-2L water daily. Hydration!
  • 3-4 tea OR instant or plunger coffee. To caffeinate and increase alertness.
  • Daily espresso coffee.
  • Red wine 1-2 glasses a few nights of the week. Modest amount for enjoyment with friends.

So how does Thea rate her own diet?

I aim to follow Mediterranean style of eating – lots of olive oil, fish, nuts and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I kept this diary for three days – across weekdays and weekend.  I have included all my meals, “warts and all” because that is normal life and I enjoy eating less nutritious foods when with friends.

It was excellent to keep this diary, as I recognised some unhealthy eating habits within myself that had formed, particularly nibbling after dinner or on my way home in the car (mindless eating).

On reflection, if I were to give myself a nutrition tip, I would aim to increase mindful eating and reduce mindless eating (particularly after dinner). Keeping a food diary has been fantastic; I would recommend this if you want to identify any room for nutritional improvement in your eating plan!

Clockwise from top left: Thea’s dinner and lunches, bricher museli and Thea’s weekly grocery shop.