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Coming together to take a break for cancer

Jade Watson understands the devastating impact cancer can have on families – sadly her mother-in-law passed away due to cancer last year and her father-in-law has brain cancer.

“My family has been really affected by cancer over the last couple of years and you just want to do something,” explains Jade, a Medical Education Officer at Peninsula Health.

Jade decided to host a Take a Break for Cancer event – at home and at work, to raise money for oncology services at Peninsula Health. She will also cut off her long hair and donate it so it can be made into a wig for children with cancer or alopecia.

“The problem of cancer feels so big and you feel like you can’t do a lot but this is just something small that I can do,” says Jade, a mother of two young girls.

“I also wanted to try and explain to my girls that when there’s a problem we can all do our bit to help – doing something really small could help someone else in a big way.”

Jade’s mother-in-law went into hospital last year with a bloated stomach and stomach pains thinking it was nothing serious.

“She came into the hospital as a relatively well person but she never came out and passed away three and half weeks later,” recalls Jade.

“Her cancer was violent and really aggressive and something we didn’t know about until she was in the hospital.”

While Jade’s mother-in-law’s cancer was discovered at a stage when it was too late for treatment, Jade is passionate about helping ensure others should be able to access world-class oncology care when they need it.

“We should have the best cancer services at Peninsula Health so we can offer them to the people down here, when they need it,” says Jade.

Jade will chop off her hair and host a Take a Break for Cancer morning tea with her family on 17 June. The event will also be a celebration for her father-in-law’s birthday.

“He doesn’t know I’m cutting my hair off yet, hopefully we can all have a laugh and show him we’re all there to support him,” says Jade.

She is also hosting a combined Take a Break for Cancer and retirement afternoon tea for her colleague Denis on 23 June.

“When I approached Denis about making it a Take a Break for Cancer event he said that would be great as he’d had prostate cancer ten years ago d no idea,” explains Jade.

“You don’t realise how many people are touched by cancer and how important it is to have good services for them locally on the Peninsula.”

If you’d like to hold your own Take a Break for Cancer event register online now.

About Take a Break for Cancer

Take a Break for Cancer is a new Peninsula Health initiative which aims to raise funds for oncology services at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals. Local people are being asked to host a gathering and encourage guests to help fund world-class cancer services on the Peninsula.


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