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Researching for a healthy future

Dr Chris Karayiannis

Peninsula Health is focussed on delivering the best of care to the local community, while also investing in an extensive research program to ensure we have the answers for the future.

The work of Peninsula Health’s Dr Chris Karayiannis was recognised recently when he was awarded the Career Investigator Award at the Australasian Geriatric Medicine Conference for the best presentation of a scientific paper. 

Chris presented his research at the Australasian Geriatric Medicine Conference (ANZSGM) in New Zealand. His study focused on trying to understand the role that blood pressure plays in people with Type 2 diabetes, and how it may affect a person’s cognitive function, or in simple terms, how well the brain is working.

He measured blood pressure and cognitive function in twins, and in each pair, one of the twins had diabetes while the other did not. Chris found that having diabetes reduced the efficiency of a person’s cognitive function, while those with diabetes also had an unusual regulation of blood pressure at night time. Chris’ next research aim is to see if these two findings may be related.

This award is an impressive recognition of Chris’ PhD research, and also of the broader research program underway in the Academic Unit at Peninsula Health.

Dr Chris Karayiannis is a geriatrician and general physician working at Frankston Hospital. Chris is conducting his PhD through Monash University, and is based at the Academic Unit at Peninsula Health’s Frankston Hospital, supervised by Professor Velandai Srikanth.

To find out more on what our Academic Unit is doing and for more information on our Research program, please visit www.peninsulahealth.org.au/research