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Ultra-Sound plays key role in the safe birth of twins

When Frankston Mum Chantelle Morrissey had an Ultra-Sound at 32 weeks pregnant with twins, what they discovered changed the course of her pregnancy.

“The Ultra-Sound picked up that one of the twins was breech,” explains Chantelle.

“The next Ultra-Sounds at 34 and 35 weeks found that she still hadn’t moved.”

As one of the twins was bottom down in a breech position, staff at Frankston Hospital decided a caesarean was the only way to safely deliver the twins.

“They used the Ultra-Sound machine to check she was still breech just before they cut me open,” says Chantelle.

“It’s so important for obstetricians to have access to a good Ultra-Sound machine to use when they need it – otherwise you’re going in for major surgery and it might be unnecessary.”

Eloise and Bjorn were safely delivered by Peninsula Health’s Clinical Director of Women’s Health, Dr Jolyon Ford, on 21 April, weighing 3.4 and 2.9 kilos.


“The head obstetrician came in on his day off just to deliver these two which was amazing,” says Chantelle.

“They could have waited another week but thank goodness they didn’t – as they were fairly big babies, I was in agony.”

Chantelle, a physiotherapist, is delighted with the care she received at Frankston Hospital.

“I just love Frankston Hospital – it’s such an amazing asset to the Peninsula that we’ve got excellent healthcare,” says Chantelle.

“It makes me really proud to live in Frankston where we have this incredible maternity service on our doorstep – one of the best that I’ve ever heard of in Melbourne.”

The twins are now at home with Mum and Dad and their older sister.

“We’re the first people in the family on both sides to have twins. Lucky us, it’s awesome!”

Help more patients like Chantelle, Eloise and Bjorn by supporting our Ultra-Sound appeal today.

It is not very often that one piece of equipment has such a significant impact on the care we provide to such a large number of people across the Mornington Peninsula.

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