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Twins frenzy at Frankston Hospital

Mum Val with Lars and Dad Glen with Odis in the Special Care Nursery at Frankston Hospital.

There was a record four sets of twins all at Frankston Hospital at the same time at the end of April, with three sets in the Special Care Nursery and one set in the Women’s Health Unit.

Balnarring couple Glen and Val Smith welcomed their twin boys Odis and Lars into the world on 7 April, when they were six weeks premature.

“Frankston Hospital saved Lars’ life,” said Dad Glen.

“He needed 12 minutes of resuscitation and they bought him back.”

Val – a twin herself – always had a feeling she would have twins, and it was confirmed during her twelve week scan.

The similarities don’t end there. 

“The boys came at the same premmie age and the same time apart as Val and her twin brother,” explained Glen.

“Lars is actually named after my brother, it’s his middle name,” added Val.

“My brother was the second born twin so we named the second twin after him.”

The boys will be in the Special Care Nursery for a few more weeks, as they continue to grow and get stronger.

Glen and Val both had nothing but praise for the team at Frankston Hospital. 

“All the doctors and nurses have been fantastic.”


Jessica Mills
Peninsula Health Media