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Q&A with Frankston Hospital Emergency Doctor Sara MacKenzie

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a doctor in the Emergency Department (ED) at Frankston Hospital? Dr Sara MacKenzie gives an insight into the fast-paced world of our ED.

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Name: Dr Sara MacKenzie

Job: Consultant Emergency Physician at Frankston Hospital

What does a typical shift in your job involve?

As you can imagine, we come to work prepared to see a huge variety of different patients and different problems in Emergency. No two days are the same! I could go from seeing a baby with a chest infection who is dehydrated, to an elderly man unable to urinate needing a catheter in his bladder, to a carpenter who has cut his hand at work and needs stitching – all within less than an hour.

Why did you decide to pursue a career working in the Emergency Department?

I was so warmly welcomed into the department in which I did my first Emergency rotation as a junior doctor, that what was initially a potential speciality on a list of 3 or 4 was quickly elevated to the top. I learnt so many new and exciting things in my first few months as an Emergency junior doctor that I quickly knew I wanted to pursue Emergency Medicine training to become a specialist.

What do like best about your job?

 I enjoy the variety and unpredictability of the job. It’s fantastic being part of a diverse team, where we respect that each team member has a critical job to the functioning of the department.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Because we don’t know how many patients we will see each day, when they will come and how sick they will be when they arrive, we have to constantly assess the situation in the department to ensure it runs smoothly and ensure we treat the sickest people first, whilst making sure we treat those who are less critically ill or injured as soon as possible.

Frankston Hospital, eyeConnect, World first, specialists , ophthalmic

Dr Sara MacKenzie using eyeConnect.

Can you share one of your most memorable moments working in the Emergency Department at Frankston Hospital?

Recently I was lucky enough to be involved in the team bringing a world first piece of technology to Frankston Hospital, the eyeConnect, which was supplied to us by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital with money from the Victorian Government. We were the first hospital to receive this technology. It allows us to send images taken by the machine to the eye specialists, who then help us manage the patient, where possible, locally. Excitingly, the second machine in the state will soon be installed at Rosebud Emergency Department.

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